The Team


Meet JP, an engineer hailing from good ol' New Jersey. When he's not creating solutions or tinkering with DIY projects around the house, you'll likely find JP on the golf course, reliving his glory days from high school and college.

And speaking of family, JP's been married for a solid 8 years, with a little one on the way. Yep, he's leveling up to "dad mode."

He's got that Jersey pride and a knack for keeping things running like a well-oiled machine.


As a self-described '80s nerd, my wide range of hobbies — ranging from tinkering with cars and undertaking DIY projects to delving into the worlds of computers, keeping fit, and enjoying music — shape the unique perspective through which I view and approach all my projects. Grounded in software engineering with a deep passion for data and analytics, I specialize in breaking down complex issues into easily understandable solutions.

My family is what drives my passion for everything. My wife, alongside our daughter and son are the foundation to my commitment to the pursuit of excellence. They are the spark that ignites my creativity and the force that propels me to exceed my own expectations.


Janie is our marketing guru. She is a self-proclaimed data nerd and is responsible for any ads you may see from us. Janie golfed competitively in high school and college. She remembers her coaching forcing everyone to make 30 3-ft putts in a row before leaving practice and wishes she had PuttAIM back then! 


Jarell English is a former educator and basketball coach. He played basketball at the collegiate level and that is where he was introduced to golf. After transitioning into basketball player development, he started creating Golf content and now has over 40k followers on IG. He is currently managing our social channels and content creation.